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For three years in a row "Funny Girls: The Women of Atlanta Comedy" performed during Women's Awareness Month at Georgia Tech." This event brought female comedians who work in a field formerly dominated by men to inspire the women of Georgia Tech. Joan Rivers was one of the amazing pioneers who paved the way for so many other women in this field. She will be missed.

The day after his death, Prof. Pete Ludovice noted how Robin Williams showed us how humor could enhance education in his performance in "Dead Poet's Society" in a talk on humor in education at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. His gift of laughter touched us all.

Geekapaloozaperformed at Dragoncon as part of the Skeptics Trackat 10pm on Saturday August 30th to a standing room only crowd. Thanks to all of our fans for their laughter and support.

Steve Hofstetter, comedian and the original columnist for College Humor joined us earlier in 2014 for a lecture on humor, and more discussion on Consilience with Pete and Charlie (a weekly podcast on the intersection of science and the humanities). He just got his own show called Laughs to be aired Monday nights on selected Fox stations. Steve is a very gifted and intellectual comedian.